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As yoga teachers we are gifted with this unique opportunity to serve and hold space for other people to grow, heal and transform. Yet those who truly need the yogic practices and teachings can't access them whether it be due to lack of availability or finances. As a yoga teacher I see myself as a servant on a mission to spread those teachings amongst vulnerable communities and not just in yoga studios. I feel this is my duty as a yoga teacher but also as a human in the first place.

Before becoming a yoga teacher, I was working for the United Nations in different parts of the world including Jordan, Iraq, New York and Switzerland. Through the stressful and sometimes emotionally draining life as a humanitarian, I found yoga to be an ultimate healer both mentally and physically. I hope that through yoga I will be able to achieve what I could not during my time working for the UN. I believe that by helping people connect to themselves and one another we can create peace around us and in the world.


 I would like to offer this opportunity for international teachers and practitioners to come help in spreading the wisdom of Yoga, AcroYoga and Thai Yoga Massage in Palestine. While sharing yoga with vulnerable communities will be on a voluntary basis, there is the option to organize for paid classes/workshops at local studios/gyms. We can also organize for outdoor yoga events/retreats in nature (ideal in this time of pandemic) combined with other activities such as hikes, camping, and rock climbing. Just let me know what would you like to offer and I am happy to suggest different options and plan your next trip to Palestine! This is also a great opportunity to immerse in local culture and learn more about the situation in Palestine. 

Previous Guests 

My beloved mother who is also a yoga teacher has long inspired international teachers to come share their practice with local communities including in refugee camps. I grew up in a home where every month I had the privilege to share conversations with renowned yogis from around the world that I cherish until today. Previous teachers included Sarah Powers, Bex Tyrer, Dechen Thurman, Nancy Zabaneh, David Sye, Jus Pieper (showing in picture above and below) among many others from India, Bali, the United States, Canada and Europe. 











Accommodation and Food 

My family and I will be honored to host you at our beautiful home. You will have your own private room overlooking the infamous Separation Wall between Palestine and Israel (shown in picture above). You will share the house with my parents, my beautiful sister who happens to be an amazing professional photographer and our two rescued dogs from California (Neemo and Colt) and rescued cat from Jordan. His name is Mishmish which means apricot in Arabic and he loves attending online yoga classes with me :) 


Hospitality and food are at the heart of our culture - I can assure you to be well fed and taken care of during your stay! 

If that resonates with you and you feel called to do this, please do get in touch and let's plan your next trip to Palestine together. I can't wait to host you, practice with you and show you around this beautiful place. 



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